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In my work as a psychotherapist, I have found that the best clients to work with are adolescents (16+) and adults who are highly motivated and engaged in the therapeutic alliance. The ideal client is consistent and ready for treatment.

We will meet virtually. Telehealth by SimplePractice is the technology service we will use to conduct telehealth videoconferencing appointments.

To schedule a consultation simply find a convenient time on my calendar or email me directly at If you receive notification that your request has been received and approved-you will then you will receive dates for a free 15-minute consultation.

We currently accept the following insurances: 
-UnitedHealth Care
-Oxford Health Plan

We are also an out-of-network practice. We can provide you with an invoice or superbill to get reimbursement from your insurance company. We can submit the paperwork to your insurance company on your behalf on a monthly basis. Payment is expected after each session. Your insurance company will reimburse you directly since you will already have paid for the service.

We recommend that you call your insurance company for information on your out-of-network benefits, and deductibles. We can help you through this process.


Missed or Canceled Appointments

If you need to cancel your appointment, please remember to do so 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. As a courtesy, a reminder is sent via email or text message the day before your appointment. You will be responsible to pay a $111 late cancellation/no show fee if you do not contact our office 24 hours in advance. Multiple cancellations may result in suspension of services. This is necessary because your therapist has made a time commitment that is held exclusively for you.

To cancel/reschedule your session you may reach our office via phone at 917-905-8165 or email: or you may contact your therapist directly.


As a courtesy, we verify the client’s insurance benefit prior to the appointment. However, it is the client’s responsibility to know and understand their insurance coverage (i.e. deductibles, percentage of insurance cost vs member cost). It is also the client’s financial responsibility to cover the costs of their sessions, even if insurance does not pay.

We offer 45-minute individual sessions and 60-minute family therapy sessions. We recommend clients attend sessions a minimum of once a week. Depending on the nature of a client’s needs, meeting twice a week is a possibility. Once you  are progressing in therapy we graduate to bi-weekly sessions.

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